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Savannah Adult
What kind of treats do you find your savannah that they really like? I have tried everything. The breeder I got him from said he likes cooked/raw chicken, and chicken livers but he has only eaten a chicken liver once and turns his nose up at any chicken we give him even if we leave it in his normal cat food bowl. We recently had to give him some type of probiotics to him and the vet suggested canned food. He smelled it and took one lick then didnt eat it. So I couldn't even get him to eat the wet food. We have had him for over a month but hes acting very comfortable. Any suggestions/advice would be great. We would like to be able to give him something every once in a while when hes a good boy and to train him as well. Thanks


Savannah Super Cat
Try Halo freeze dried chicken treats. All my boys love them. I even sprinkle the dust from them on their food if they don't like it, and they'll eat it.