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Trimming nails



Triton hadnt had nails trimmed since breeder cut them last month,thought i better do it.Put him on lap got fronts done...then tried back-yea right like that was gonna happen(he also had a calming collar on) i thought the walking jacket kinda subdued him tried that,didnt work.Then i rembered a trick i read about.Clip 2-4 wooden clothes pins on neck sorta like a scruff.I didnt have clothes pins so i used Mrs CC,s hair clip that was about 3-4 in long.It worked like a charm he just laid there imobile,clip basically had no pinch to it.Try it youll like it.

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
I'll have to try that sometime. Sabriel does not like to have her claws clipped, and neither did Neka. I've always had to take them to the vet to get it done, which isn't so bad money wise because they only charge 5.00 for the vet to do it... but it's stressful on the kitty for the ride there. Sabriel just got hers trimmed at the vet on Saturday so it'll be a while before I'll have to. Because I have vinyl flooring in the basement, with Sabriel jumping and running all over her back claws stay short by themselves... but her front claws become VERY sharp. Thankfully she doesn't have a scratching issue ;)


it can also use binder clips...

Haha, a geek's best friend (binder clips). The first time I successfully did Duma's nails, it was with binder clips. I do find that the actual clothespins get a better grip, though.



Staff member
yeah, those binder clips can be a pain - LOL! luckily, I don't need to sue them anymore ;)


Savannah Super Cat
Luckily we never had to use any kind of clips or clothes-pins with Lyra... I always try and rub her feet and toes, so she is used to being touched and doesn't mind the claw clipping at all :) She does, however, have some kind of weird liking for chasing and batting clothes-pins around the house!!!


Count yourself lucky! I can handle Duma's feet, do anything with them, even tug on his toenails, tickle him, play toesies, etc and he's fine. The second he sees clippers on the counter, he bolts. I don't even have to have them in my hand. So now I just put the clips on him before I pull out the clippers, I'm so mean lol


Animal Communicator
I'm lucky too...I have never trimmed Zeddie's nails but just did it right now, she didn't care at all :D :D