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Trip Back Home To Memphis

John Campbell

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Staff member
Returning back home to Memphis -

Elsa started off her day checking out the Birds and Squirrels... That turned out to be a daily occurrence. If the curtain was not opened in time, she made it known she wanted it opened.

She traveled real well, and her and Jake as always got along fine... There were a couple of times that she picked on Jake, but that is to be expected.

Elsa-3.JPG Elsa-4.JPG
Elsa Really enjoyed watching where we were going.... She never tried to get on the dash board... This position wored out fine for her.

Elsa-5.JPG Elsa-6.JPG
And always time for a nap... She slept much of the way, but when we got home she was not in the mood for sleeping.

I am not sure what she is doing here, but with that Left Paw, it looks like she is giving a High Five.​

John Campbell

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Staff member
Glad it was an uneventful trip home. Love the high five!

I was really expecting the worst... And went in to it planning to have to cut my trip short (did not want to put undue pressure on her), but she enjoyed every aspect of the trip... She pretty much made her self at home. She really loved going to the window and watching the Birds and the Squirrels in moms feeder.... She spent hours doing that and never lost interest. In the morning before the blinds were raised she went to the window and would meow and demand it opened to where she could see... Was quite funny to watch her. She would go to the edge of the couch while looking at the blinds waiting impatiently for the opening, just like at a broad way showing.... A Show she never got tired of. I plan to install her Bird Feeder today...

that pic with the High Five, was interesting... I was driving along, picked up the gopro and just snapped a few, and one of them caught that... Was quite surprised. As a matter of fact off of those pictures except the first is from the GoPro.


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Elsa is gonna be a BIG girl when she is done growing. Oh, have I said she is beautiful? NO? Well, she is beautiful....and cute too. ;)
LOL on the high five...


Animal Communicator
Love the high five picture...I've tried to get Zeddie to do it on command but it didn't work out so well.