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Trip to Petsmart

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
We took Loki and Isis to Petsmart tonight and Loki walked around like he owned the place. Naturally everybody in the place could not keep from petting him and Isis. All of the people were saying how beautiful they are and how friendly they are. They saw the show on them and said they thought they were wild and not friendly. Everybody thought that you could not pick them up. Loki showed them that he could be picked up and he just purred the whole time. I was a proud daddy and the center of attention. Everybody could not believe that you could walk a Cat like that and they did not mind being on a leash and harness. The staff said they would love to see more of them when we come in for food and toys. So it was a very pleasant trip to Petsmart.

petsmart 2.jpg pets mart 1.jpg
I love it! I take my therapy cat, Firework, to Petco and Petsmart,and yes I get a very similar reaction. Good for you and Loki for being good breed ambassadors.


Staff member
Sounds like it was a great trip for everyone Kurt! It's always nice to hear that we have another wonderful ambassador for our breed winning people over! :)

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
One couple has called me already to see if I could introduce them to one of my breeders. They were very impressed to see a SV up close and personal. They said that seeing my SV's convinced them to get one.


Savannah Super Cat
That's awesome! I take Shelby with me all the time when I go to Petsmart, Petco or Global Pet Foods. Same reaction, people are amazed how well they behave on a harness and leash. Shelby likes to go for rides in the Shopping Cart. So many people have never seen a Savannah up close in person, so it's really neat to introduce people to the breed. The employees at my local stores all know Shelby pretty well now and they're always happy to see how much he's grown. Thanks for sharing your experience Kurt. I've got a bunch of pix of Shelby at the stores, maybe I'll post a couple tomorrow.


Savannah Super Cat
W e always take the boys out, whips not as stranger friendly in public so he rides in his stroller, but miracle gobbles up the attention.

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Well the couple we met ended up getting both of Isis's sisters. So another family of SV's started. I will be helping them with One of my Cat Tree's and a couple of walking harnesses. They want some Cat Walks put in the man cave as well. My breeder came by the house and still gets teary eyed over Loki she just loves him to death.