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Trying to make some life changes!

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
I have been seriously debating making some pretty significant changes in my life. I want to get all this figured out before I add an SV to the mix as well! I HATE my job and I HATE going to school. I am a loan officer assistant. It kind of fell into my lap and was better money than my job at the time. However, after being here a year I am ready to get out of here. I am not interested in the mortgage business.. at. all. So I don't put effort into being a better assistant. I don't want to learn the business as I should. I feel like this isn't fair to my boss, who is a wonderful person and great loan officer. She deserves someone that would want to be the best they could in this position and I deserve to enjoy my job.
On the plus side I just applied to a Cat Hospital as a vet assistant!! Hopefully that pans out!

So now about school.. I have an Associates already and am going for a Bachelors in Business Administration. I do not like any of my classes.. They are boring and uninteresting to me. My ultimate career goal is to go to grooming school and own my own business that is grooming/daycare/pet sitting/rescue. I really want to stop going to school and get into grooming school.. When I told my dad that I was thinking about grooming school (didn't mention the quitting college part) he immediately said "there's no money in that". Like usual he just shut it down, but my thought is I would rather be happy at work and have to be a little more frugal with my money than go to a job I detest every day. I realize a Bachelors in Business and wanting to own my own business makes sense, BUT I know 3 companies that are all people close to me that the owners did NOT go to ANY college.

All advice and opinions welcome. I will answer any questions that will help you help me as well! :)

(I know this has NOTHING to do with SV's but you guys are all so awesome and I really do value your opinions)

Trish Allearz

Well, having a business degree can help you in the long run-- particularly in today's world.

But even if that's not where you want to go- are there any other Bachelor degrees that interest you? I'd say-- stay in school. Because it is much harder to go back when you are older.

As far as being a 'little more frugal'-- I don't know anyone who is grooming who makes big bucks. It'd be a lifetime of being frugal versus 4 years of taking classes you aren't thrilled with. I know when you are young-- 4 years seems like a lifetime, but it's not.

Good luck regardless!


Staff member
Owing and operating a business is tough work. You'll likely have to work for other groomers to gain experience and insight into the running of a business. Your chosen path is also dependent on discretionary income of others so your choice of location for the business will be important. You'll have to locate in an area where there are a lot of people with money to spare regardless of the state's or country's economic climate. The only thing you can count on with such a business is that your finances will fluctuate with the season and with the economy. There is no money in pet rescue.

As an interim step before deciding to go to grooming school, is there a grooming business near where you can spend some time? Perhaps ask the owner if you can shadow him/her for a few days a week to see what it's really like?

I'm a firm believer in education so would never encourage you to drop out of college. Maybe choose a different course of study that is more interesting to you. Certainly, having a degree in bus. admin. will help you with our own business. But, if you're not interested in learning how to run a business through your course of study, what makes you think you'll be successful actually owning one?

Is it animals you're interested in working with or grooming in particular. If animals, how about vet tech or veterinarian or wildlife biologist or zookeeper?


Site Supporter
Just my two cents, but stick with school.
The business degree will help you in the future. It may help you to get a job after you finish college (like running a vet practice for example) and it will help you if you do decide to open your own business some day. At a minimum, you would need wither (1) a nest egg to but towards opening the business or (2) access to financing. The degree will help you to obtain one of the two.
Just because lending isn't your cup of tea doesn't mean that something else might not be. If you were to speak with your boss, and explain, she might be willing to help connect you to someone else who is doing something you are more interested in so that you can learn more about it.

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
I think I am going to meet with an advisor next week and see what my options are. A big issue with me continuing school is that I have OHLAP, which is an Oklahoma resident scholarship, and it pays for most of tuition for 5 years after you graduate high school. I will get it until May of 2015. It has been a tremendous help and my dad has been covering what OHLAP doesn't cover. This semester he stopped though.. I have no idea why either. He hasn't asked me if I need him to help me with school or anything. He and his fiance are building a house and all I hear is how much he is trying to cut back. I still owe OU a decent amount for this semester and I feel like a burden to him so I don't want to ask him for it.. I cannot afford college without my OHLAP so I HAVE to finish by May 2015. The path I am on put me with still needing one class the following semester. I can find a way to pay for one class. I just wish I enjoyed it more so I had more drive. I honestly think if I could find a job that I was more happy with then I would have more drive for school. Right now being so unhappy with both is just making me want to shut down. I know I can't.. Even just typing this and getting it all off my chest is helping me figure out some things I need to do before I go off and quit school.
Ya'll rock!

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
@WitchyWoman I just want to work with animals. I am the most happy when around animals and I know that it is my passion and my calling. I worked at a vet a few years ago and lasted two weeks.. I was so invested in each animal that the 6 euthanizations I was a part of in those 2 weeks just killed me. I couldn't understand why the rest the staff seemed so cold towards it and it was very off putting. I don't want to get a hardened heart towards that. I have contacted a cat hospital applying for a vet assistant job. I want to give it another go. Maybe that particular office just wasn't for me.


Staff member
@WitchyWoman I just want to work with animals. I am the most happy when around animals and I know that it is my passion and my calling. I worked at a vet a few years ago and lasted two weeks.. I was so invested in each animal that the 6 euthanizations I was a part of in those 2 weeks just killed me. I couldn't understand why the rest the staff seemed so cold towards it and it was very off putting. I don't want to get a hardened heart towards that. I have contacted a cat hospital applying for a vet assistant job. I want to give it another go. Maybe that particular office just wasn't for me.
There are very few jobs working with animals where you won't be confronted by death. When you work with animals and see death, you have to be able to find ways to cope. When I was a wildlife rehabber, 80% of the animals in my care died either by my own hands (literally in some cases -- the least painful way to kill small birds is to break their necks) or due to injuries/illnesses. I would have a monumental breakdown 1x month where I'd cry for a day straight, get out all the frustration from not being able to save them all, the anger because most of them were harmed due to human actions -- and then I'd get over it and get on with the business of trying to save as many as I could. There is such a thing as compassion fatigue and it affects people who work with animals and humans. But mostly, people who see a lot of death have to hold it together for the good of the animal (or human) they're working with. There is little room for emotion when you are personally making life and death decisions. That's why so many caregivers -- whatever the species -- need support and often counseling to help them cope. And always remember that when you can't save the life of an animal or when treatment greatly diminishes quality of life, death is the humane option.


Animal Communicator
I work at a a dog daycare. I have worked as a vet assistant fill-in. Unfortunately euthanasia is part of the job. Sometimes there are worse weeks than others, and maybe that is what happened at the last vet you worked at. We've had weeks like that. There was week straight that I went in and there were a good 6 euths that day. It sucks, but it is easier when the animal is well loved and old.

As for your dream job....the best place to start is a vet. With the dog daycare, the original manager made a deal with the owner of the vet. He opened the place and paid her salary, and she did all the work. She actually had it really good. The vet advertised the business, and it grew pretty quickly. The daycare has only been open about 7 or 8 years. The downside to the arrangement was the lack of care. The owner of the vet was a business man, so only looked at the $$$ and how much it was to start the business. He didn't make it possible to grow as a business. Now, if she hadn't gone through him, she would have made a profit. She left to do dog training, and the owner of the clinic sold out.

Pet sitting....I did that for 3 years pre-Zeddie. I made bank lol. Over Christmas 2 years ago I made over $ went right into the Zeddie fund. I did so well because I had the daycare helping me the whole way. I advertised myself to the daycare clients, they paid me but went to daycare free. It was worked out with the manager (not the owner).

Grooming: lots of vets have grooming offered. It makes it easier to have a one-stop-shop...which is what we are. Vet, daycare, and grooming. You usually do have to learn with someone, but if you can line yourself up with a vet you might be able to open your own grooming salon and pay rent to use the room.

Rescue: this goes without saying, but you wouldn't make fact you would be out tons. Our vet also works with a rescue...the rescue they work with isn't very effective at all, but maybe you can find a rescue to align yourself with and donate your time to them, and maybe foster down the road. Rescues always need foster homes, but I think more than foster homes, they need COMPETENT foster homes. I can't even tell you how many foster homes I have seen that are completely incompetent. A kitten died in the summer at about 7 weeks old because "he stopped eating and didn't want to live anymore". Because the foster parents didn't single the kitten out and feed it.

My advice isn't much...I am 22 and don't have much experience in general, but I didn't go to college after high school (just went this year in fact) and this is what I have been doing since leaving high school. You won't make money. You will be lucky if you can make enough to live off of. Vet techs can barely make enough to live off of.

I wish you the best of luck figuring it out! I know how absolutely frustrating and difficult it is trying to figure out your niche and what makes you happy. I'm in the same shoes.


Staff member
Well, if I am reading your message correctly and you only have one class left to get your degree then I would encourage you to go for it. You may never use it in the real world, but it looks good on paper when applying for a job. However, if that is not the case and you have a couple more semesters to complete your degree you may find it hard to do. Just as with your job that is lackluster, you will merely do what is necessary to get by to pass your classes - sorry but to me this throwing away a year (or more) of your life when you could be pursuing something that you really enjoy.

When I first entered college I wanted to become an ethnologist and study the leopard in Africa. As time went by my interests changed. I went to college for nine years before I finally settled on a career - but during that time I took classes that I was interested in, and I never earned more than an associates degree (two of them). What I settled on was a completely different career which I worked in for 15 years, until I finally went back to college to earn my bachelor's and master's degrees.

Society has structure for a reason, to make life easier to get through, including an education, but sometimes those round pegs just don't fit in the square boxes and you have to find your own path. Dog grooming may or may not be a career for you, or it may be the device you need to earn a bit of money so that you can afford to go back to college once you decide on what career you really want to pursue. Like me, it may not happen for 15 years, or may not happen at all, but as long as you're happy - and paying the bills, you will be okay.


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You know there is no wrong or right answer, except the one you decide to use. I was 42 when I decided I was going back to college...4 kids, 2 dogs, & 1 very supportive husband. My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier! I don't just have papers on the wall, I have people looking for me when they wake up in the morning, I have a boss that tells me how lucky she is to have me. My point? You don't have to go by the rules but you do have to live with your decisions for the rest of your life, wether it's comfortable is up to you. :Geeky: From 1 very happy RN.