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Tuminello Exotics, thoughts?


Savannah Teenager
I would like to bring a new baby into my home. After a crazy experience with another breeder, I am a little gun shy. Anyone have any experience with Tuminello in Florida?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I've known them via breed email groups for some years. Living in CA means I don't always meet everyone but Kim seems really nice, and I have never heard anything negative about the health of her kittens.

In Florida, I can also recommend Sofia Kirk of Bodhicats, she's a newer breeder but she came to CA to pick up some of her breeders and so I have met a couple of times. She's been very concerned with health and we've had many discussions.

Those are the two in FL that come to mind as good choices for you to talk to. Good luck!


Staff member
Kim seems to be a very conscientious breeder. She is engaged in the Savannah community, including on this forum, and is listed in our breeders directory here, which Deborah (Witchy Woman) recommended you take a look at to find a reputable breeder. She has produced some very nice cats, in fact I believe at least one person on this forum received a kitten from her not long ago.