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Tummy thump



Ouch! My cats' favorite playtime activity is climbing on the headboard of my bed, and while I'm watching TV or iPadding, they jump down on my stomach at high speed and with force. They seem to have taught this game to each other, since it took the new boys a few days to pick up on the swell idea. Ouch! Often, the tummy thump is combined with chase and bathtub jumping.


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Mine do that all the time! They have the whole other end of the headboard to jump from!


The Savannah's invented the Tummy Thumper game, and all participate (I think they have teams). Yesterday, my shy and clingy Oriental Shorthair tried it! She watched until they were all napping and waited to be alone to practice. Smart little stinkers. They won't let her on the teams, so she's gonna get a higher score than they do. Surprise. (She cant keep up in anything else.)

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Pam Flachs

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Josie, I hope yours don't learn the Bladder Bounce :O That "fun" game is guaranteed to get you up whether you want to or! Highest scores for that game at my house belong to the heaviest cat, of course.

I'd take Tummy Thumpers over Bladder Bounces any day, lol!