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Typical kitten Behaviour?


Savannah Teenager
Its been so long since I've had a kitten in the house (15 yrs) and I'm a first time savannah slave. Im wondering how much of her attitude is typical of ghe savannah breed or if its just her indivudual personality.... and boy does she have a personality... lol Our little F6 girl loves to climb... anything and everything... usually us. Her favorite place is on our shoulders. She LOVES heights. She's absolutely fearless! She loves to roughhouse and is constantly attacking our older siamese cross (he tolerates). She is VERY vocal... always meowing. . But has a raspy sounding meow.. quite often looks like she's trying to meow with no noise or just a slight sound. I've noticed that her tail gets all puffy when she plays, as opposed to when she's scared (which Is what I'm used to) and she is into EVERYTHING! we were fortunate when we got her, as she was very well socialized, and has claimed me as hers (snuggles on my lap and sleeps on the back of my neck in the early am).

Sue Armstrong

Site Supporter
Much of what you have described is so typical of a Savannah no matter the generation. She sounds wonderful and you sound very happy with her. The tail getting all puffy is what I usually call "happy tail" and see it on alot of Savannahs, although usually the higher generations. The hair on the back can stand up too giving them a look like a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, along with the poofy tail. They do this when happy and/or excited. Sounds like she has found the perfect home. So happy for you!


Staff member
Sounds like you've got yourself a Savannah there! She sounds adorable, and I can tell she makes you happy! :in love:


Site Supporter
Pais, Rafiki will puff out just the base of her tail when she is simply happy. This happens every morning when we first get up and she supervises our morning shower (gotta keep an eye on the shower drain monster!). She rolls on her back for her morning belly rubs and head butts us and the 2" - 3" of the base of her tail will be all puffy. When she is very excited - whether in full-play mode or when she has been surprised - she will puff her entire tail so that it looks like a giant bottle brush. SV tails are great mood indicators - whether puffy or simply swishing around!


Site Supporter
Too funny.....after I noticed it, I went back and looked at videos and I was astounded that I could see the poofy tail in the videos but had not noticed them at the time! I guess I was so amused at her crazy antics that I just never noticed the crazy tail!


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OH YEAH, poofy tail and ridge of fur along spine standing up, hump back doing a side hop. Kitty also does a furious race (has her track set and follows the same track everytime) up her stairs runs the length of her landings, then down her stairs, jumps completely over couch, 'round our recliners, down the hall, hits cardboard squares in bedroom then repeats it 2 or 3 times EVERYTIME AFTER SHE HAS GONE POO POO. WE CALL IT THE POO POO DANCE.
KITTY is now off pain medication, but 2 more weeks of antibiotics. Thanks to everyone for prayers and concern.
Does anyone else have a furbaby that performs this dance?

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Pais, what you have is a full blooded savannah. I would argue a text book example. Enjoy!
(Most of us have these... ahhh... occurences...:rolleyes:.)