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United We Stand

Trish Allearz

Permission to share this with ANY purebred animal group you may belong to- and grant them permission to share as well...

To the American Kennel Club, the Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association:

Throughout the decades, we- the breeders and fanciers of purebred cats and dogs- have supported and advocated for the AKC, CFA and TICA as the premier purebred pet associations of the United States and even more so of the world. We have paid our membership dues, supported local cat and kennel clubs, purchased your magazines, and endlessly emptied our pockets into your coffers to attend shows from the east coast to the west coast. All in pursuit of one thing- the joy of sharing our purebreds- be it a giant Great Dane to the tiniest Chihuahua, be it a heft Maine Coon to the petite Singapura. We have looked up to the AKC, CFA, and TICA as our guides in our hobbies- allowing you to set ethical guidelines, breed standards, and standards of vetting and care. Yet as of today with the passing of the USDA’s revision of its Animal Welfare guidelines- our hobbies lay on the line and where are you now?

We implore our purebred pet associations to show once and for all that they stand for all of the purebred pet owners within this country. We ask- nay, we demand- that the AKC, CFA, and TICA take the unprecedented step of banding together and filing an injunction within this country’s court system to stop the USDA/APHIS of stripping us of our rights as hobby breeders! We- the purebred breeders and fanciers- have already done our part. We have complained to Congress, we have banded together and we stand strong against this ruling! Now we request the associations that have accepted our monies for countless years as well as our devotion to protect us instead of choosing to work with the USDA/APHIS in this effort to destroy hobby breeding within the United States.
No longer will we stand ashamed of who we are or what we do- we are ethical, moral and responsible purebred pet breeders and we refuse to submit to the breeder shaming anymore. Stand up for us! Stand up for your members, for the hobbyists, for your future members- and last, but perhaps most importantly, the purebred breeds in this country!

The purebred fanciers of the world say it is time. AKC, CFA, and TICA- wake up! It is time for you to stand together and demand an injunction and to claim for all of us- we are not ashamed and we will not have our hobbies destroyed by USDA/APHIS! It is time!

- The Purebred Breeders & Fanciers Across the United States