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Urgent need for new homes: three adult Savannahs at shelter

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Hi all,

There are three beautiful adult Savannahs recently surrendered to a Michigan shelter. They are not from my cattery, nor any other current cattery. They are appoximately 4-5 years old, and there are two females and one male Savannah. These are special needs cats as all three will need dental work, but are otherwise healthy. The two girls, Mystique and E.G., are sweet, friendly and outgoing and should do well adopted together or separately. The male, Tiger Star, is a bit more shy and reserved, and would do best in a home with one other quiet adult cat, or by himself or with one or both of the girls. These cats came from a home with children and dogs. They are spayed and neutered and are ready for a new home. They are believed to be F5 Savannahs.

Please, if you can find it in your heart to adopt these gorgeous Savannahs, or are willing to foster them, please contact me asap at: or here on the forum.

I am willing to help with transportation.

Let's get Mystique, Tiger Star and E.G. out of the shelter and into loving homes before Christmas!


Savannah Super Cat
Maybe state what generation they are? Some people can't adopt them if they live in certain states...