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Urgent Request


Staff member
Ok, guys...Trish and I have been working on a savannah video that depicts savannahs with children, the elderly and other pets...I would like to get this video out there ASAP to counteract all this negative press...we all know how wonderful our savannah cats are and we need the world to know...

Can you please all write a blurb about savannahs and how you feel about them? Something about them that you think the world should know?

By doing this, you will give us permission to use your blurb...we will not use any names...thanks all!


Staff member
Savannahs are the crazy best friend you have that always makes you laugh when you are down, amuses you when you are bored, and comforts you when you are heartbroken or ill. That they look like a supermodel in no way interferes with these abilities :)

Something like that?
Yes, B! Perfect!!! Thank you!


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Our Savannah has brought such joy to our lives I can't imagine life without him. His antics are hilarious, and he is incredibly sweet and loyal. He comes running when I call him, sits by my side while I work on the computer, brings me his toys when he wants to play and sleeps cuddled into the crook of my knees EVERY night. He and our dog are the best of buddies as well and play together in the most amazing gentle way.


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My Savannah waits for me when I leave in a basket by the door. She cries when I go in a room and she can't follow, and comes running to me when I come back. She follows me around, and has loyalty that surpasses the loyalty of my dog. She knows when I am sad, and sits on my chest and purrs until I feel better. She is hilarious, and never fails to make me smile. She is the perfect companion, and I couldn't ask for a better friend. I can't imagine life without her, and look forward to getting another Savannah in the future.