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Savannah Super Cat
Well the sneezing and gagging/coughing as slowed down a ton since he got on the meds last Tuesday. The vet gave me two bottles of Amoxicillon so I'm hoping the longer he is on it the more it will help kill the virus!

Antibiotics don't kill a virus. A virus needs to run it course. Antibiotics do help the infection that sets in after and during a bad viral episode. They can have a bacterial respiratory issue which can be treated with an antibiotic.
I'm having the same problem with my kitty, Luna. My friend who raises short hair and wire hairs suggested a nebulizer and colloidal silver drops. Our vet who was highly recommended gave her two courses of antibiotics over a months time. She also said I could try letting it run it's course. I found that the antibiotics masked the symptons. As soon as the antibiotics were done everything came back including her hacking up about a 1/2 cup of clear fluid. I'm going to try my friends advice and try the nebulizer which I'll order this week.
I'm going to call Revival Animal Health and talk to them on Monday who she recommended for supplies.
Joanne Wright