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Urinary issues

My F6 male recently had some urinary issues. I usually feed him Wellness Core dry food & canned food throughout the day. I'm wondering what is the best canned food to use to help with urinary issues to make sure Garrus doesn't get a blockage, or any other urinary issues. Is there any other tips you have for making sure my Savannah stays hydrated??


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I have a glacier point water fountain as well, and love it. I also add extra water to each meal, just to make sure they are drinking enough

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Agreed that feeding canned or raw is better for urinary tract health... I think I've also read that looking at the Phosphorus or Ash content is also a good thing.

And yes, fountains are great for cats... I think most cats like running water from taps and many fountains replicate that for them in a better way for us than running a tap full-time for them! Any way you can encourage them to drink more water!


Staff member
I'm guessing by your questions that he had a blockage? If he had crystals or stones the type of diet will depend on the type of crystals found, as there can be more than one kind. Was your vet able to extract and analyze any of the material that caused the blockage?

I agree wholeheartedly with the others that a water fountain with continuous flowing water encourages cats to drink. Of course, it also encourages them to play (in the water) so depending on how exuberant your boy gets you might want to find one that can't easily be tipped over or destroyed (been there, done that)...