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USDA License

Suzanne H

Savannah Super Cat
What is a USDA license?
Do all breeders have to have one? Do boarding catteries have to have one?
If so, how do I go about getting one?
(Suzanne's hubby)

Trish Allearz

Most very large breeders have a USDA license. A lot of puppy mills, for lack of a better term, are required to have this license and they use it to appear accredited and ethical when that may not be the case at all.
Do I have it right:

Option A: Own Serval and have USDA licencse.

option B: Have F1's-SBT and do not have USDA license.

It is my dream to raise Savannah kittens. tri big grin: I want them to be TICA registered. I'm purchasing a serval, and we are going to build an enclosure for him and the 6' fence the USDA requires.

I'm looking for some input from anyone about the permit and licensing and TICA, etc. Thanks!
Yes, it is legal in NC.

I know that ruling scares me. What is it, they want people to invest $10, 000+ in their enclosures??? What are the real chances of this thing passing? What does it actually change?

Trish Allearz

What it changes is whether you will be raising your kittens in a small home cattery or in a cold facility. Puppymills throughout the United States are USDA certified. Home catteries/kennels- those of us who raise babies underfoot and in the house will NOT receive USDA certification unless we completely change the way we operate. For example- I just sent home two F2 kittens who were able to socialize with the other cats, dogs and kids in my home after they had their vaccines. According to the USDA- kittens should not be permitted to mingle with other animals- period (and puppies too). That's just one example. We've discussed this extensively on this forum though- just do a search for it :) Or maybe Paige posted the link up above?


Staff member
Everything will change, if this ruling need to be sure and post a comment to stop it. Every signature counts.

o, that is not it...they want to put breeders out of business. Have you read it? It means that every single kitten sold will involve the buyer coming to your place of residence. It means a lot of things...take a look at the posts...there are links to all of the sites that explain it in depth.

It also means massive amounts of paperwork and inspections and lots of BS.


My advice would be to check your local, county laws on owning a Serval in NC. State rules are sometimes far more leniant than the individual counties. There are several vounties in NC that do not allow servals or hybrids. Some others require license..others require only that suitable enclosures and the correct size of the living areas according to the county. i would also get the USDA packet that will tell you exactly what the specifications are in order to be USDA licensed. No need to build your enclosure and the perimeter fencing and then having to make changes to be up to code for USDA;>) Most importantly...make sure you understand what Serval ownership means. Most of the time there are no vacations..reason being...there is nobody to trust with taking care of that precious baby. Remember..there are no boarding facilities that are equiped nor willing to take on that responsibility. Make sure you have a good vet lined up that is experienced and willing to see and treat the Serval. Always let your neighbors know ahead of time that you are thinking about a serval as a pet. This way you don't have to worry about complaints(people do like to tend to other people's business). Know that the serval is not one to accept change and they do not handle it well. Small children and strangers are never to be allowed alone time with these babies. Accidents can and will sometimes happen. The main thing I would like to stress..if you are not one that feels they can spend the next 20 years of your life making sure this sweet soul is well taken care of...don't get one. It is sad to hear of a well meaning perso..getting a serval and then deciding a year or two down the was not a good idea. They bond with their special person and they may never settle in or accept another owner.The main question is not to ask the serval for me..ask yourself if you are for the serval. I will be the first one to tell you..servals can and do make good pets. On the other the wrong situation..they can be your worst nightmare if they are in the wrong hands. It takes a special person that is willing to dedicate the time, love and determination for this match to work. I wish you much luck if you do indeed decide to own a serval.