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Vacation Care? boarding, cat sitter, fly w cat?

Diane & Zeus

Savannah Adult
I've read other threads about this and I still don't know what to do. I have a 4.5 year old F3 Savannah, rescued just a few months ago. He was instantly happy in his new home, yet oddly still a little scared of my 15 year old lazy female cat. they want to be friends though and soon will be cuddling. I work at home so he is used to me always being around. In the past with reg cats, the times I went away for 1-2 weeks I would have friends drop in and visit. All was fine.

with Savannah I've read and would assume that won't be enough. but then what? I want to go across country to visit family around the holidays. boarding? $50/day would cost more than any trip I'm planning and it would have to be a boarder with few other pets. also don't want him stuck in a cage. Friends either have pets or allergic.

so would it be ok if I had someone come twice a day for 30 min or for a few hours once a day? He has not been a trouble maker like I hear many are, doesn't get into things.

or do I take him with me and leave my other cat at home for the friend visits? is he too tall for approved size in cabin carriers? he is small for a f3. If I take him with me I can make the trip 2 weeks instead of 7-10 days. and $50 each way for flight. just not sure what is best.

I'd love to hear others experiences


Staff member
My opinion is that it's always best to leave the cat in the home where it feels comfortable and safe. Having someone come in 2x a day is perfectly fine. That's what I do and I have 3 SVs. Neighbor feeds in the a.m. and p.m. and spends some time playing with them, cleans out the litter boxes and changes the water. They do fine. The longest we've been gone is 2 wks.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think if you have someone that can come in twice a day to feed and clean up... and maybe spend a little time if he will be sociable and play...then that will work just fine. That's what we've always done...

Diane & Zeus

Savannah Adult
ok, thanks!!! he would be social and play so I was thinking that should be fine too. 2x a day I may need to hire a pet sitter but maybe between friends it will work.

Diane & Zeus

Savannah Adult
by then the two cats will be closer too, I feel a cuddle coming on between them :) Zeus is oddly the scared one, she just wants to cuddle and wash his ears, he doesn't trust that yet


Savannah Super Cat
I use a pet sitter that will come to my house at what ever frequency I chose. Obviously,the more they visit, the higher the daily rate. She and her partner come and feed everyone, spend time in the house so they don't feel alone, scoop out what now feels like a hundred litter boxes and walk the crazy chihuahuas. They are both certified vet techs, so they check for any issues which makes me feel good. They are also licensed and bonded, and provided real references for me. That eased some of my angst. I haven't gone anywhere for a long period yet, nor have we gone on any vacations since we got Kovu, but I do feel like it is an option now for us as they did a great job, to include daily texts on how Nyah and the boys were during our long weekend. Now if only they would consider babysitting the 2 year old for a date night....:)

Diane & Zeus

Savannah Adult
Thanks you have eased my mind along with a friend that said she would come everyday, prob only once, but she would stay and love them up a good while. I have a dog walker friend that comes by here anyways so I can always ask if she would stop in morning and other friend evening. or maybe one good long visit daily will be fine. there is always the chance that another friend from out of the city will want to come stay here for a week. I feel better booking the flight now.


I'm waiting to take my vacation when my nephew is old enough to stay here alone. He's 15 now. Think I got awhile. :(