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So, Michael and me are going on our first vacation since bringing the boys home. We leave on Friday.
We will be gone for a long time-10 days.
We have a kitty sitter, our friend Ethan, who the boys know and like, staying with them, and our extended stay houseguest, who has been living with us for seven weeks (she is interning with my office, she is here from Estonia) will be here while we are gone, so they will not be alone.
Any suggestions?
We have not left the boys for long before.
Thank you all for your advice in advance, I appreciate it!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think as long as you trust your friend and houseguest all will be fine. Leave detailed instructions even if you think they know the drill... what to feed, when to feed, where the water bowls/fountains are and how often to check them, what to do if they appear ill, which vet is your vet and where the emergency vet is. My instructions to our petsitters (generally also friends) are usually pages long... I figure better too much info than not enough :)

And remind them to text, call or email you daily so you don't worry and can enjoy your vacation :)