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Very Good SV Pet Scale


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Every week I weigh my 2 critters and track their weights in their user albums (Amaury and Shango p.4). My old scale broke and now I found a very good pet scale on Amazon used for weighing dogs, etc (a bit pricier). It's much larger, but I've found my SV's are about the size of medium dogs now: scale

Before I found weighing them a pain, as they barely fit in the old baby scale and trying to keep them still was more difficult. With this new scale it's much easier. Anyways, just passing this along in case anyone is looking for a good pet scale. -dj


Savannah Super Cat
My hubby wants one. I will show this one to him. It looks like it would be pretty easy to put a peice of meat on there to weigh them.


Staff member
I have a sickness. Every time someone posts something on here for cats, I buy it. So thanks, Scorpio, my scale is on its way. Someone PLEASE help me….


Staff member
I'm not sure that too many of my cats would cooperate and stay on that scale - they have a penchant for running off whenever I want them to sit still. I find it easiest to weigh my cats in a crate - I simply zero out my table top scale with an empty crate on it then pop the kitty in the crate and I have their weight - and no running away before the weight is completed!