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Veterinarians and Raw Food Diets

Amy Therese

Savannah Kitten
I have noticed that there seems to be a lot more vets who do not promote and are even against raw food diets. I have been looking for a vet since I moved to a new area.....just tried one and she was recommending that I put my kitten on Science Diet dry food!
Does anyone know of any vets in the Chicago northern suburbs who supports raw food? I really want a vet who is on the same page as I am.


Staff member
That sounds like a great vet!!!

However, and JMHO, I would never let my cat lay in a bed at a vet's office that has been used by who knows how many other cats that were infected by who knows what. If the beds are changed out with each client that's okay, but if the same bed is used in the room all day long (or longer), not so good...