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Veterinarians by State


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Yes, AZ Veterinary Specialists is what I was remembering, I thought they were in Mesa, not Gilbert.
I did not realize you are a local breeder

Would have visited you before I got my kittens

Best regards

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Michaela L


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For Chicago, IL Dr. Jenny at Animal House of Chicago came highly recommended from breeders in the area. She is wonderful and clearly knows the breed well
I have received no hassling for my raw diet choice, when we had an inner ear infection scare she was careful and thoughtful in her treatment without being overly expensive, and she always takes time to do things at Zahra's speed. They also just put in a cats only wing to avoid added stress of a bad dog encounter. That was a big plus.


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Monmouth county, NJ-
My vet, Dr. Glen Stockett (, has left the VCA hospital that previously employed him and gone independent. He provides all care for our three SV boys, F5 Diablo, F4 Mickey Blue Eyes, and F3 Jarvis.
Yesterday we had our first house call. He brought a tech with him who was familiar with SV's. The cost for a house call was $100, plus vaccinations.
Typically, after going to the vet Jarvis spends the next 24-36 hours hiding. This whole process took about 45 minutes. Diablo went first (Mickey wasn't due for any vaccines so he just said hi to the doctor and his tech), and then Jarvis was next. I had to work a bit to get him, he bolted on me when he realized I was trying to take him near the doctor, and I have a few scratches (he is terrified of the vet and has been since his neuter), but Jarvis was far less traumatized than he usually is by vet appointments. He had forgiven me, and was snuggling with me again inside of two hours later!!!
If you are in NJ, and are looking for a vet who makes house calls and is experienced and gentle with scared cats, I would recommend him.
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Zeddie's new vet is East York Animal Hospital in Toronto Ontario, for any Ontario people looking for a more natural vet. After months and hundreds and hundreds of dollars at the conventional vet she has been going to (and I work at) I finally switched her and we haven't had a problem with her stomach since. It isn't cheap going there for the first time (they give you a 45 minute block to talk to the vet) but after the initial visit the cost goes down. The cost of that visit was far less than what I spent on her at her regular vet, and they were able to give me preventative care, and more options that I understood and felt comfortable with.


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This is probably a long shot but I'm from Nova Scotia (Canada). Does anyone know a good veterinarian here? I've done some research but the few places I've called haven't dealt with Savannah's and I worry they'll treat her differently when they shouldn't because they all sounded so intrigued when I asked.


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There is always a first time for every vet. I would not worry that they are not familiar with Savannahs, as long as they are intrigued meaning interested in meeting a Savannah and learning more about the breed. If they are hesitant or wary and express concern about the 'wild' factor, I would move on to the next vet.


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Our vet never met a Savannah before Eddie:ninja: & within a month he met Mojo:cool:...he read the contracts; he researched online; he CALLED a vet in CALIFORNIA; he agreed to "vet" my companions...I LOVE MY VET:in love:! He did the pretty much the same thing for my Mastiffs:dog: only he called a vet in Colorado...:Geeky:.