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Video: My F6 SBT climbs to tree


Savannah Kitten
You might not have seen my latest video yet, but anyway here it is:

Youtube link:

Vimeo Link:
(Vimeo version - Please click the Vimeo logo to go to Vimeo page to view the video in HD, embedded video plays in SD)

I was walking (calling name) Täplä (the breeder assigned name is Northern Wild Avi) in leash at summer cottage and she decided to climb to the tree. Did not let her climb to too high because she has not enough practise in descending from the tree backwards (been trying to teach that to her), and it is unhealthy to jump from very high.

In the video she is now about 6 months old and weight around 7 lbs (a little more than 3kg) and is smaller than the two domestic cats we have in the family.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
She is adorable Karoliina. She looks a lot like my Kilifi in the face. Very pretty. Good climber too. :)


Site Supporter
Jeez....I am beginning to think that Rafiki has no cat instincts whatsoever! It has never occurred to her to climb the trees that contain the birds that make her go nuts.