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Videos of Isis, my F3C the first few weeks at home


Loyal Servant
Within minutes of being out of the carrier after a 5hr flight and 2hr car trip.

Day 1, playing fetch like a pro.

Day 7, it didn't take long for Anubis and Isis to accept one another. My evil genius steers me correctly that a very outgoing cool spotted SV female will integrate best into the household. A girlfriend for Anubis and SV for dad makes this win-win.

Day 14, AM play time waiting for their daily teeth cleaning. Kitten breath is becoming far less potent with brushing and teething progress.

Day 16, preparing for sleepy time.



Staff member
Sunny, that is an awesome video collection showing the progression of Isis...isis is absolutely gorgeous! I love cool-colored cats...and Anubis is equally gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing - it was fun to watch the change in isis...


Staff member
ROFL -- she turned both boys in the house into mush brained devotees in record time and she didn't even have to break a sweat. Love it!