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Vienna Playing - at 10 weeks


Staff member
She's a livin' doll! And the like the Energizer Bunny, she keeps goin' & goin' & goin'. Remember to add cord covers to your "to do" list.


Looks like shes got an early start to the kitten zoomies! She looks like a little spaz, freaking out about everything being so exciting! The part of her in (your?) lap was adorable too, calm for a few min of chin and belly rubs, then back to play. I bet you can't wait to see her zooming around at your home til she tuckers herself out :)

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
She's so beautiful...and full of herself! She was absolutely showing off for you....then shows her sweet side in your lap...awwww :)
There's a lot of energy in that little thing :) She reminds me a lot of my Xumi, who is still like that all day long at 6 months old.


Oooh looks like she is going to keep you guys on your toes!