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Vietnamese markets


MK Anderson

has anyone every bought raw hearts, livers and ect. from Vietnamese markets? I tired asking the butcher if they were free of additives and preservatives, but we did not understand each other :(...
Just wondering if anyone knows anything about shopping at these markets?

It says southern grown on the package, whatever that means lol


Savannah Super Cat
I used to buy all that stuff from one in Fresno. I found that everything was okay except the fish. The fish always made my guys puke, so I'd stay away from that. Make sure you wash it all REALLY well under running water.

Trish Allearz

I don't know, but I did check out a huge Hispanic market here in town the other day. I found their produce fresher then the places I normally shop at (Smith's and Walmart) and their meats looked pretty good as well :D


Savannah Super Cat
I can ask my best friend, she's vietnamese so maybe she will know! Or at least her mother might ;)


Savannah Super Cat
She said she wouldn't think they would use preservatives or the like, they normally fresh butcher. I wouldn't imagine too many cultural grocery stores would actually. If you have a china town, i bet they would have fresh meat as well