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Visiting in hospital/raw food


Savannah Super Cat
Hello, I am a fur mum to an 11 month F8 and a 4 month old F4. Unfortunately our little f4 boy is poorly at the moment (diarrhea that has lasted a good few days) because of how young he is, he is with our vets staying for his second night at the hospital. They have done an x ray and are testing his stools and so far x ray showed excess gas and waiting on the stool sample results. He is on an iv and is receiving anti biotics. He is on the road to recovery as they said he's more vocal today but still has diarrhea (he's vitals remain good).fingers crossed he can come home soon, but I have two questions really. My first is would anyone recommend visiting him in hospital? I am currently away but my partner who is at home could do, although the vet advised not to as it may upset him more, which of course we don't want to do. But could it have a positive effect on him? My other question is diet related. He eats raw food (natural instinct) I wonder if we are putting him at risk of e coli having him on this diet. There is a lot of scary articles online advising pet owners not to feed there cats a raw diet. What do you all think? Thank you!


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Sorry to hear that your little boy is in the hospital. As far as visiting him in the hospital ( and this is only my opinion) I would say a big fat yes! He has to be confused. He is a kitten and not only is he sick, but he has to be wondering where everyone that he knows is.
About 4 months ago our 9 year old Egyptian Mau got sick. I left on a Friday morning for business and she was perfectly fine. My husband called me that night and told me she was throwing up. He watched her for the rest of the night and took her to the hospital the next day. She was in acute renal failure and past the next day. I guess I am telling this story because I was unable to get back in time to see her and it bothers me to this day! If I was there I would have went to the hospital and not left her side.
As far as raw food, I have a F5 4 month old kitten that I have on raw, so far so good. There are always articles about what to feed and not to feed. It is truly a personal choice. If you are worried about commercial raw food you can always make your own.
I hope this helps.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I second visiting your kitten in hospital! I think it is more potentially upsetting to a kitten to feel abandoned.

As far as raw feeding, I've been feeding my cats raw since 2001 and can count on one hand how many gastrointestinal infections we've had here in the cats... but me, I've had food poisoning from any number of restaurant meals! Cats have short and fast digestive tracts hence bacterial infections from food don't happen as easily. Additionally, bacteria are often host specific and what makes us ill doesn't always affect our pets to the same extent. I do though smell the raw food I feed and if the meat doesn't smell good enough that I would consider cooking and eating myself I would not feed to my pets. That rule I think has been why I have had few issues raw feeding..


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Another vote for visiting your kitten! Bring him something from home so he has the smell with him. Better that he not feel abandoned, as Brigitte said.

Hope the loose stools clear up, glad you've got him in to the vet!


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you so much for your replies! I know my partner is keen to visit him, so if he has to be in hospital today/another night I hope he can persuade the vets to let him visit, I feel so guilty that he probably thinks we have abandoned him (although I know he's in the best place to get better) Ninja N Bear I love that idea of bringing something from home, he has this little teddy bear he loves to use as a pillow as he always insists on sleeping with his head raised! It's very human like when we see him do it! I will update you all later when we find out any more news. Thank you for the advice with the raw food too, smelling it is a good idea and actually our other cat eat from the same pack and she's fine so I do wonder if it's food related at all.


Savannah Super Cat
So good news (sort of). The vet phoned this morning saying we can bring Logan home as they think he will be happier there, although he doesn't have solid stools yet. The vet was keen for us to pick him up this morning, but as my partner is working today and I am away he thought it best he picks him up later tonight when he is home otherwise he will be by himself (and I would hate to think he would be in trouble/pain with no one around) plus they need one more sample which might be missed if he's at home alone. I can't wait to do a video chat later with them and see him happy at home, just I hope the loose stools clear up soon...


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Glad to hear he is well enough to go home. Do they have any idea what the issue is?

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Akila is still having loose stools on and off. I have been trying to change her food ( slowly ), so I am not sure what is causing it. Except maybe the fact that she licks everything!!!! She is not dehydrated and the vet just says give her the Metronidazole until she has a firm stool. Can teething cause diarrhea?