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Savannah Super Cat

My kitten vomit one or two times always at the same time, during the night.

I changed the dry food because he dont ate much, so i mixed a Purina diet vet with Royal Canin.

I gave also "thon" with no salt.

Is it because he eat too much ?



There is no way to tell without have your baby examined by a veterinarian. Having said that, I have seen kittens who gorge on dry food and it does expand in their bellies quite a bit to create some discomfort. I did have a DSH who could not eat dry as she just ate it much too quickly and always vomited. Have you noticed the vomiting is usually after he eats? Is he a fast eater? Have you checked for hairballs?

We did switch to elevated bowls (promotes healthy digestion) and wet food; wet food does not expand the same way dry food does in the stomach we found. You may try switching the protein source too, as allergies can sometimes cause vomiting.

In a summary, it is definitely important to get him examined. Cats get dehydrated quite rapidly and it can quickly become serious. You can pinch the skin on the back of his neck, if the skin does not snap back quickly, he is becoming dehydrated.

I hope the vet can give you more insight! Keep us posted, will keep your boy in my thoughts. I know how scary it can be when our babies are not feeling well. :(


Savannah Super Cat
I know he had some worm, and get à deworm médication. He also had med and can ID from royal canin for this.

He not eat fast the dry, but the other food yes like can of thon, saumon, etc.

He always vomit at same time, he is yellow and some mott.

I away of home for two days, i will ask for my girlfriend if she can go.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's very hard to make that call, as Rylie has said. The best option is to consult a vet.

If he vomits soon after eating then it can be due to eating too fast, you can feed the tuna in smaller portions, or try one of those slow-feeder bowls they make for dogs. But if this has happened since you've changed his diet then the simplest answer is that it is the food you are offering him, it may not suit his digestion or you may have mixed in too much of the new food initially.


Savannah Super Cat
My girlfriend will see the vet tonight. It hard to say, today he vomit at 4 am....and he sleep all night with us.

Yesterday, he doesn't.

Before yesterday, he vomit at 11pm....5 hours after i feed him with thon.

Before he vomited, it like he tried to vomit but nothing happen...

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Hairballs? I know it's gross, but we deal with lots of "interesting" topics here: what does it look like? Liquid? Food and how much if so? A picture of a hairballs is in this article:

If it includes hairballs: How often do you brush Abbas? And with what kind of brush? Does he groom Mia and is she a short hair or longer?

I find that mixing oil (Mineral or flaxseed oil are what I use) with egg yolk lecithin helps them to either digest them or to cough them up.

Lecithin from other sources (soy, mostly) is cheaper, but some say can cause thyroid problems in cats. However, Wysong refutes that claim:

Cats often eat grass and it 's thought that it's connected to either digesting or coughing/vomiting up hairballs. I grow grass for my cats in a planter outside and bring it in for grazing. If I try to grow it inside it gets mowed down almost before it's above the dirt.

I hope this is the issue as it's a normal process for cats and there's good ways that you can reduce or eliminate them.


Staff member
If the food is not, or only partially digested then he is probably eating too much or too fast. If it looks digested then it is probably another issue. Is he having normal stools?