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Site Supporter
Our big girl has vomited three times this morning. It's clear and a bit foamy. I cannot get her to the vet today and am waiting in a return call. In the meantime,????? any thoughts?

River Ridge
West Virginia

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I would guess stomach upset but is there any potential for obstruction? Does she tend to chew, is there anything out that might be a culprit.

Eating, drinking? Peeing, pooping? All those things would be useful info.

An adult female, if intact, could she be in early pregnancy?

With so much unknown, it's wild guessing...


Staff member
I would be concerned about a blockage if she is throwing up clear secretions. On the other hand, if she is continuing to eat and poop normally my next guess would be as Brigitte suggests - she may be pregnant. Either way, if she is still vomiting by tomorrow, I would do whatever you can to get her to the vet.