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Walking jacket needed???


Aniyah's mommy
Ok so any suggestions here?

I'm driving to get my baby girl on Sept 1st. She'll be flying from Tucson to DFW (about 8 hours travel time) and then riding with me in the car for 5 hours MORE to Lubbock (home). We can't fly her directly into Lubbock's airport because we are too small :cry: concern is that my poor baby will be traveling ALL day long and I want to be prepared as much as possible to comfort her in any way. IF she is screaming to get out of her crate, I certainly don't want her all over the car while I'm trying to drive. My first thought was that if I had a jacket and leash, at least she won't be able to hide somewhere without us at least having a line to her. I'm taking my 19 year-old daughter with me for assistance should I need it. I could be totally off base but??? I have ZERO experience driving for so long with a kitty.

She's an F2 and will be 13 weeks old and I don't have measurements of course because I don't have her yet. Just wondering if you thought I should get a walking jacket and leash just in case? Of course I need one whether it's now or later, just want your thoughts on if you think it'd fit her at this point or ?

I just have no idea what to expect!!!


and his servant, Paul
Unless the breeder is the one putting on the walking jacket, I would NOT put a walking jacket on her. Let her stay in the crate for your journey home; if you want to comfort her, talk to her on the car ride home.


Aniyah's mommy
Great advice all! I've contacted the breeder and will see if she's got a jacket to acclimate her to. Either way, we'll make it just fine. And although we are still 10 days out from the trip - my list is growing: earplugs, good music, and more earplugs just in case;) Thanks guys!!!