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Way High Up


Savannah Super Cat
Leo about gave me a heart attack today. I have a screened in porch on the second floor I will let my Savannah out on to watch birds and such. We were having a friend over when he said, "Hey look at your cat." I turned around to see Leo about 8-10 feet up in the air climbing up the patio screen. He was able to get up, but looked like he was losing his grip and hadn't really figured out how to climb down. It would have been a long fall.


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I suspect Patti is correct there, this is the beginning of routine behavior for him... often they haven't done something because it hadn't occurred to him yet, and now it has and it seems fun! he's found a new way to see more of the world from up high... so as Jacqui says make sure that screen is tough enough to withstand kitty claws and watch it for holes...


Savannah Super Cat
Tink scales the pool cage several times a day. She ruined a few screens and escaped once. We had all the screens replaced witha pet proof screen that was a little bit more expensive but worth the money. It has been a year now with no escapes or torn screens. Sue


Site Supporter
Sue, where did you find good quality pet screening. I need to replace our screen doors with something tear proof, but havent found a good quality product. Actually, this is for everyone here. Suggestions?

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Savannah Super Cat
I use a company called Mark's Rescreening in Cape Coral, Fl. (Mark McClure). After I had replaced 3 or 4 panels, he mentioned that he had a screen that they use in screen doors that prevent dogs from going through the doors when they jump at it. Since Tink weighs less than 10 pounds, I felt it would do the job. My advise would be to call someone that does screening and ask. The next time I talk to Mark, I will ask him who the manufacturer is and post it. Sue