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weak hind end

I have a 6 month year old F5, the past couple weeks I have noticed him slowing down and not acting himself. He is just lounging around. If I do try to play with him, he has the interest in doing it, but it seems to hurt to move his hind end. He acts as if he doesn't have the full mobility in the hind end, he can be a little wobbly at times. I checked his temperature its 101.2, he is eating,drinking, and using the litter pan normally. His bowels are normal as well. His gum color seems to be a little lighter than normal...but doesn't seem threatening. What scares me about this all, his father just passed away this weekend from auto immune disease. I was wondering if you would have any idea of what it may be?


Savannah Super Cat
Not sure, but if he is acting like he is in pain I'd get it checked out. No need for our babies to be hurting if we can fix it!


Staff member
I would start at the vet...Dr. Per will probably jump in when he can, but I can guarantee he will tell you the same thing...perhaps you can your vet, your guy is in pain...I'm sure your vet would take him sooner than Monday.


Staff member
This sounds really bothersome. What kind of autoimmune disease did his father pass away from? Hopefully it is only a sprain and he will heal quickly, but you will never know until you have him evaluated by your vet and have some x-rays and/or other tests done.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I agree. He needs to be checked out thoroughly. Prayers he just hurt himself jumping and landing funny....I'd also mention the father passing away to your vet, and the diagnosis.

Keep us posted...I'll be thinking of you.
Here is an update on my guy... I realized two weeks before he got sick I started feeding him holistic select canned food twice a day just as a little something extra. I stopped feeding him that thinking that was the issue... But still wanted to go ahead with the appt on Monday. So instead of the can food, I started feeding him raw
Chicken along with having dry food out all day. A couple days of that .. He started becoming more social and his belly wasn't bloated looking, but still wasn't acting right.Monday I had an appt and had a CBC test done, everything came back
Normal. After a week off the can food, he is back to being a savannah:) glad it was simple