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weird Behaviour


Savannah Teenager
My Chuck (F4 3 year old) just today decided he would urinate outside of the litter box. He has been problem free for litter habits since day one. Just today he has been scratching in weird and random locations around the house and trying to urinate...tonight we caught him trying to poop in the wrong spot so I plopped him in his box and he pooped there...He doesn't appear to be drinking his usually large amounts of water. Today was a bad day for stress as the kids didn't sleep well and were at screaming and anger stations pretty much all day...I hope this is just a passing "thing" and not anything serious. Anyone have this issue? advice?
Hmmm, it could be a few things but the first two that come to mind are: 1) stress. Something has changed or is upsetting him and this is how he is able to express that he is upset. It could be a new pet, new family member, a family member left, a stray cat outside, the neighbor got a new dog, you changed your schedule (and his in the process). Has there been a major or even minor change in the dynamic at home?

2) Urinary tract infection. He may have a bacterial infection or urinary crystals that are both painful. I would definitely get him to the vet to rule this out asap. If it is bacterial then antibiotics should take care of it. If it is crystals, then a dietary change may be in order. You need to find out though by having your vet run the test.

Good luck and please let us know how it goes!



Savannah Teenager
I actually can take him Saturday morning. he's still acting like a monster, still wanting to play, but his drinking habits have changed: he seems to be drinking was a very stressful day for us because of the kids but nothing completely out of the ordinary...but ya, he is crying and only peeing tiny amounts still in weird places in the house. what's the test for urinary infection?


Savannah Teenager
I think we need to get him off the dry food for a bit...he is so picky about wet food but we better get him off the dry...we use EVO so that might be the culprit

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think it safest to get him to the vet and checked out... you can choose to change his diet later if you aren't happy with the EVO but best to rule out infection right now!


Savannah Super Cat
My Scottish Fold was pooping outside the litter box and peeing on a throw rug in the bathroom. I heard about the possibility of a blocked anal gland. Took him to the vet and it turned out to be a urinary tract infection. A shot of an antibiotic that lasts 2weeks solved the issue. The shot was the better option than a pill or pills daily. I would suggest a vet visit. Sue


Savannah Teenager
Yes, he seems in good spirits this morning, but still we are going to take him to the vet. our vet happily is open on Saturday :) And he is drinking lots of water this morning, and he's hungry!


Savannah Teenager
Chuck update. I am really at a loss. Took our Chuck to the vet and he is slowly passing urine under sedation and painkillers. the vet doesn't know if it's an obstruction yet but is concerned that the blood-work #'s are pretty high. they want to keep him overnight 1K$, + they aren't sure if it's an obstruction but if it is likely another 1k$ do these numbers seem a bit high???? we can't afford that!!!! tough decision time coming