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Weird kind of fat pending, is it normal?


Savannah Super Cat
First I apologize for my title I'm really unsure how to describe it better. ahahahah

My brother is away for the weekend so I made a few trips to feed his 9 months Savannah male F6 currently 9,5 pounds so he doesn't starved to death, twice a day.

I've notice something weird while taking some pictures: I've notice some fat pending. With a closer look it form two balls, one on each side. Other than that he seems to have the perfect shape, not too skinny, not fat, just perfect. He was last at the vet last month and he was healthy.

I'm wondering if it's normal, or potential health problem, I may be over reacting but I never seen something like this so I rather ask what you think of it. I rather ask instead of assuming he is healthy.

A picture worth a thousand words. Meet Kingston :) Look at the third pic

IMG_7949.jpg IMG_7991.jpg IMG_7876.jpg


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks a lot Witchywoman, I look it up it's wonderful this thing have so many features. I'm glad to see I was over reacting hahahahah I will go to bed less stupid today, I've learn something hahahaha

Some people told my brother his cat was getting fat so my brother reduce his food. This may explain why it's seems a bit big now. Apparently it's also there to hold more food.

Thanks for the help,
Really appreciated it !


Savannah Super Cat
He eat only dry food (Froom Grain free)
My brother follows the indications from the brand.
1/2 Cup per day (1/4 morning, 1/4 evening)

He used to feed him at the top range from the indications (1/3 morning, 1/3 evening) until maybe two three weeks ago I believed when some people told him his cat was getting fat. I've personally never felt he was fat looking but he seems to have more the shape of Bengal lol

Surf Turf- Dry Cat.jpg


Staff member
He looks a little stocky lol. .. some males do gain weight after neuter

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A 1/2 c per day is reasonable. If he is an active cat, the reduction in amount of food fed should get him to lose weight. If he is not an active cat, the amount fed might have to be reduced a teensy bit more.


Savannah Super Cat
He always been heavy built... when my brother pic him up he was told by the breeder he will be a big boy lol He also loves too eat and this is why my brother is really careful. His cat could eat ALL the bag if he had the opportunity. He is asking for food all the time but my brother is really strict and ignore all his requests.

His cat REALLY active , however I am not sure he is active when my brother isn't around.

My Savannah, only 4 months and a half, from the same parents seem more lean.... even so he weight more than my brother's cat when they had the same age and I feed him more. I know mine will be taller and maybe longer. I will cool down in a few months when he will be less in a growing phase or If I see him less active lol