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We're Moving! (Spotlight Savannahs)

Melody Waara

Spotlight Savannahs
Hey all! My husband Jeremy and I (and our cattery, of course, Spotlight Savannahs) will be moving at the end of the month from beautiful sunny Florida ..... to beautiful sunny CALIFORNIA! Cross-country moves are always exciting! We're relocating to an hour northwest of Los Angeles (Oxnard) and would love to know if there's any other breeders/owners out there to chat with. Thanks!

Also, we have our permit to own a serval in Florida (we haven't added one to the family yet, though) and wanted to know if anyone has information regarding owning a serval in California? I've found conflicting information regarding whether it's allowed with a permit or banned entirely.


Staff member
I have heard that you can't own an exotic as a pet or a breeder. You can own one as an exhibitor, educator, or sanctuary however the requirements to obtain a permit for such are quite strict. Your best bet to get the correct information is to contact the California Fish and Game. Also, don't forget that Oxnard might have its own anti-exotic ownership laws, even if you are able to meet the state requirements for a permit, so you need to check with them as well.

Melody Waara

Spotlight Savannahs
Thanks, Patti. I did fear that, and I know how troublesome obtaining the proper documentation for owning an exotic can be. It was a risk we were willing to take when we decided to relocate to California. We appreciate the advice, though, for sure.

I guess we'll have to abandon our hopes to add a serval to our family and potentially breed F1's for now, but we would like to add an F1 queen-in-waiting sometime next year.. so we'll have our eyes peeled for an exceptional little lady! :)