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What did others think...

So here is a fun one...

What did other people think (or what do they currently think) when you told them you were going to get a Savannah?

For me- my family wasn't surprised. I love exotics, so not a huge surprise. Of course, they didn't know about the price tag on some of these cats- but that's okay!

One of my F2 babies- the owner's daughter was very upset that she was getting a Savannah. She asked the owner, "Why would you want one of these WILD CATS???" Now that the boy is there- I have been told the daughter has drastically changed her tune and now she says, "If anything happens to you- your baby is coming home with me!" LOL.


Staff member
Only one of my friends asked why I was "buying" a cat and not reusing or adopting one. My vet said he has always wanted a Savannah but just doesn't have the time to devote to one. The vet techs are in love with both my savannahs and their personalities.

I have rescued and adopted animals all my life...I worked in a shelter...when rocky died, my 15 yo Maine Coon, who I rescued from a landlord who did not take care of any of his kittens, I wanted a cat with a dog like personality like Rocky, but did not look like him - I couldn't bear that. So it was either a bengal or Savannah...I found a breeder not far from me, visited, fell in love and that was that ;)


My mom thought I was nuts for getting another one (already have two domestics). As soon as I told her my mother in law offered to buy me one for my birthday she let out a big, "Oh maaaaan." I know she wants a grandbaby but I'm just turning 23 on Saturday and I'm just not ready (NOT MATURE ENOUGH) for a real baby so I'll stick to my fur ones for now!


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Most everyone I know, including DH, weren't surprised that I'd want an exotic looking cat but they do think I'm stark raving mad for spending that kind of money on cats. There is really no way to justify the $$ to people who use the shelter cat/overpopulation rationale so I don't engage in those conversations because I agree with them and it's impossible to defend my hipocracy. Sometimes I think I'm stark raving mad also but for different reasons:roflmao:


Staff member
That is true Deborah as far as the rationale goes..not that I think you are stark raving mad :lol:

Now the fact that I will be getting another kittens o show has people raising their eyebrows...and...then Zuri will have kittens sometime in the next few months...
I think- to people who will listen with an open mind, they COULD understand why you are buying a cat- as well as the price tag- IF they only listened.

I did rescue for ten years before starting breeding/showing. I still participate in rescue. I will gladly bend over backwards to do whatever Rescue asks of me. And if regular ol' kitties need me and I can't find anyone else to help- I will do what needs to be done (I am very cautious about bringing in health issues into the cattery).

I know my Mom understands COMPLETELY the price tag on the SVs now that she has seen how hard it has been for me to produce F2 babies. F6s- since my male proved fertile- have been like a normal cattery. F2s- they are rare for my cattery and very very hard to produce.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
My family was not surprised. I'd been talking about having an "exotic spotted cat" since I was 10. My daughter did ask if they could hurt the grandkids; apparently she read some of BCR's pages. She now wants one of her own someday...for the kids lol. My closest friends threw the "but there are so many shelter kitties waiting for homes..." at me. Everyone now loves mine, and one has even driven with me to pick up another SV ;) If my mom were still alive, I know she would have fully supported me :(

I did a bit of rescue, too; for quite a few years I was the one who took in the cast-off cats when the college kids in my town went home for the summer; none of them ever came back for them. One was even pregnant, and required a c-section that I paid for....I don't take in rescues now, but will help others find a good home for them.


I haven't gotten one yet but let me tell you I'm not telling anyone either! I got major negative reaction when I got ragdoll Dante...this is after years of having rescues and ferals. My mom freaked also about Dante, even though she's always had pedigree dogs (as a family we've had rescues too), but somehow it's different for a cat?

I'm kind of nervous about the judgment, honestly. Getting ready with the "so then why didn't you adopt your kids?" line lololol