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What Do You Tell People?


Savannah Super Cat
Does it happen often to any of you, that people question why you are walking a "cat" on a leash? My 3 month old F3 LOVES to walk on a leash and go places. I get alot of comments about why I walk my cat on a leash. No comments have been negative at all, but I think some people don't really understand.

Out of curiosity, what do you all tell people when presented with this question?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I would just ask why they walk their dog? For fresh air, exercise and enrichment for the dog? If my cat enjoys being outside on the leash, then I am happy to let them...

But I don't think anyone has ever asked me that question. Usually it is more "is that a cat?" type of questioning...


Savannah Super Cat
hahah ya im turning heads wherever i go too. Usually get the "omg look, its a cat!" exclamation. Yup, its a kitty "giggle:


Mostly I get comments like, "I tried to get my cat to walk on a leash, and failed." Some people want to hear how I did it, most are convinced I'm tricking them somehow, maybe my cat is really a dog? Who knows. Some people (more than you'd think) seem scared, or maybe they're scared of me? Oh well.


Site Supporter
I tell people that my cat loves to go outside, and this is a way for him to go outside safely. I get funny looks, but I ignore them. :)


Staff member
Taj is known around my entire one had ever seen a cat on a leash before and now they all look for him...sometimes cars stop and ask to take a photo...Taj also runs into dogs quite a bit and they are afraid of him ;)


Savannah Super Cat
I think I might have to try learning ventriloquism so I can 'let the cat answer'.

"Oh, this is my pet human. I take him for walks so he doesn't get lazy and cranky."


Savannah Super Cat
I usually get funny looks and the whispers "look - that lady has a cat on a leash," but the ones who ask me are usually asking "how" and then they ask "why." I explain that she is an indoor cat and this is her way of getting outside and exploring.
I tend to frequent pet friendly places so once we go somewhere once or twice people remember her.

Also about the "scared" part, at first they are hesitant to go near her and then once i say she will rub up against you if you dont pet her they get over it and she gets lots of attention and pets!


Savannah Super Cat
Also, I try to explain that I am getting her out and about so she can meet new people and attempt to educate them about the breed. My favourite part is when I tell them that these cats are banned in states across the US and cities across Canada, and they look at me with a funny face and say "really? that seems ridiculous!"
I agree and we have a good laugh about how "terrible" she is...rubbing up against you, sitting and purring, doing tricks for treats...just "terrible"