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What I like to call the "Rubbies"


Savannah Super Cat
Taz doesn't really headbutt. What he does do and has since he was a kitten is rub on my sides. I get down on the floor on all fours and just stay there. He'll then come up purring like there's no tomorrow and proceed to rub on each side of my body. He really likes to stick his nose under my arms (yes gross). He's definitely marking me with the side of his mouth. He'll do this as long as I'll let him. It's the cutest thing. I take it as him saying yes mommy I love you sooo much. Anyone else have a little one that does this? I wish I could post a video of him at it, but he only does it when no one else is around.


Staff member
I love the rubbies!! One of mine does this but he doesn't just rub -- he slams the side of his body into mine and then he rubs. He is really into body slams. He does it to my legs too, instead of a nice rub or a graceful weave between my legs. My shins are always sore from his lovin'. He also head butts hard enough to leave a bruise. Maybe I should invest in a pair of shin pads.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I have one that does little F8 girl Geege. I have never had a cat or kitten do that same thing with such ardor, such love, nose in my armpit, her front arms wrapped around my chest, the looks of complete adoration, purring, rubbing, smiling, lol! It's the reason she is still here....:) I love it!


Savannah Super Cat
My Sv does this too as well as head butts. It's funny and adorable. Nice to know your kitty loves you!!!