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What is she saying?


Savannah Super Cat
Probably a stupid question but how do I know what my cat is saying? She makes all different noises at all different times of the day/night. How do I know if she's Happy, Sad, Hungry, Upset, Hurt or just being annoying?



Staff member
LOL Witchy!

I think to understand a cat you need to look at their behavior and body language as well as the verbalizations coming out of their mouth. If she is acting happy and prancing about, she is probably just sharing her love of life with you. if she seems agitated there is probably something in the environment that is bothering her and she is trying to tell you to make it go away. If she is acting angry (ears flat back, tail twitching hard and fast) then something is really upsetting her and you need to figure out what it is.

Many Savannahs are quite vocal and love to talk to you. I find that for most of them, if you talk back and engage them in conversation this pleases them and encourages the bond between you.