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What is the difference between Habari and Savanna??


Savannah Super Cat
From what I've read about them they just seem like bengal/savannah/safari mixes thrown together just acquire characteristics that don't represent just one of the single breeds, but take a little bit from each. First word that comes to mind is mutt, but with some thought behind which cats get mixed to create something that isn't particularly savannah, or Bengal or etc, but a cat that has all the best traits of each combined? The price tag on them doesn't seem to be worth it though.

That's just my understanding and input, I could be wrong too.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I don't think that Select Exotics have ever disclosed what is in the mix for the Habari cats they produce... it seems to be aimed at producing size with spots/ I would guess there is at least some Bengal in there and possibly some Savannah or Safari or maybe even Fishing cat (I've heard that they have one of those too there). I've only seen pics of a few and not one in person.

A Savannah is a recognized cat breed deriving from an original cross between African Serval and domestic cat.