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What is your cat's favorite toy?


Site Supporter
D loves to play fetch with the sad remains of dis-assembled toys; Jarvis loves to chase sparkly balls, and Mickey wants anything his brother has. What about your Kitties?


Staff member
Little Kong toys that come filled with catnip and are refillable
crinkly paper balls
track ball toys
cat wheel - by far the most used and loved by Zuri, Ixas and Cinny
paper bags
plastic shopping bags
Neko flies

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Crinkly noisy plastic bags from Goodwill with the handles cut off. Ditto for paper grocery sacks.
Wine corks.
A stuffed white rat from Ikea who usually can be found drowned in the water bowl.
Boxes of any kind.
Anything that can be batted about, rolled or tossed around. Toilet paper is a new-found plaything here.
Nicely stacked and alphabetized CD's that make a satisfying smack when pushed to the floor....

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
The IKEA rats are good! As is the lil kangaroo too, Nina loves them :)
Neko fly wand toy
Go Cat wand toys (Nina is obsessed with the mousie Cat Catcher one)
Metpet wand toys
Missy adores balls to roll on the ground but they also need to have cords or ribbons coming out of them so she can pick them up and toss about too.
Sheepskin mice for Nadiya
roadkill toys for Baz
laser light for Coco
Bobo likes to fetch the wand toy with a specific type of feather on the end... it's a really cheap wand toy I get at Pet Club only.
Zari and Maddie will chase any wand toy that moves