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What is Your Savannah Cat's Name and Why


Animal Communicator
Great idea!

Mine is Miss Tsarina Tigress Meowvski the IV...picked because a super cool cat needs a super cool name. It was going to be just Miss Meowvski but my DSH's name is Tiger so we added Tigress, and Meowvski sounds Russian so we added Tsarina as another title. A name that long needs a number, so it was IV as she is an F4. We picked Zeddie as her nickname because a) ridiculously photogenic guy and b) Tsarina has a 'z' sound so my sister mentioned calling her 'Zee Zee' but she is a Canadian kitty so then it was Zeddie


Animal Communicator
The thought that goes into the names hahahaha I have gotten so many looks when people ask her name. It took 4 tries to get it right on her tag...I eventually had to do it myself at Petsmart hahaha


Staff member
Let's see...

Taj = crown or king
Zuri - African for beautiful
Ixas = character in Wrath of the Titans
Cinny - Cinnamon-spotted savannah kitten named by people on this forum ;)

My litter of kittens were mainly named after characters in Clash of the Titans or Wrath of the Titans, with the exception of Cinny and Tau...there was Perseus, Dracos, Poseidon, Agenor and then Ixas...


Savannah Super Cat
We're on a wait list at the moment... waiting to pick our F3 boy. But we feel like parents with a baby on the way! We love him already & have his name picked out & he's not even born yet!

We're going with Angus, Gus for short- after the most amazing a$$ kicking guitarist on the planet, Angus Young, of AC/DC! Plus, i could just see calling one of these gorgeous guys by the name Gus. and i really like old man names for pets lol :p


Savannah Super Cat
Sofia's breeder named all of the kittens (7 total) by the capital city of different countries from around the world. Sofia happens to be the Capital of Bulgaria. We loved her name so much, and she suited it so well, that it stuck!

We spent countless hours thinking of names..looking up meanings...etc. But as we tried to come up with a "short-list" of names (to make our final decision once we brought her home) nothing suited her as well, especially once we were all was settled in at home!


Savannah Super Cat
Ziggy got his name by process of elimination. I named our girls (Diva & Diamond) so we let the kids pick out the boy name and this was the only one they could ALL agree on. He is now affectionately known as Ziggy Lightening and Biggie Ziggy.
Ava- she was Noelle at her breeder's so her registered name is Ava Noelle.
JillyBean- she was JB at her breeder's and it stuck.
Liam- nice studly name.
Jace- named after a character in a book series. Not sure which books- my daughter named him.
Hattie is Hatma- I believe it's Fate translated.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I like to combine the parents' names and come up with something unique when possible: Simboya (Simsim and Oya); Mokhali (Malaki and Moka); Khalil (Mokhali and Lily). Of course, all of our cats have at least one nickname...New Boy (Simboya), Leggy, Weggy (Paris), Tinker (Khalil), Willy, Wills (Lily), Tartsy (Tart), Eevers (Eve), Winker (Gigi), Stellie (Stella) :)