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What the heck is it?


Staff member
maybe a spot or a shadow or beam of light. Taj does this a a matter-of-fact, he is always looking at one of my prints of the caribbean and wailing. I thought maybe he wished for warmer weather and then one of my tall cousins looked at what taj was seeing and said he was seeing a reflection in the glass...

Here he is:



I love the long neck! When Kronos get focused on things like that I always whip my camera out to try to capture pictures of the neck and profile. Just gorgeous.


Savannah Super Cat

That is too funny! Maybe he just likes the colors! LOL I think there must have been a bug or something in the light fixture that I couldn't see.


Staff member
He does it all the time, Jacq...yep, maybe he likes the colors...or maybe he wants to go live on an island ;) Could have been a bug...these guys see/hear many things that we do not.