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What The Pee Is Going On???


Savannah Super Cat
Our 5 month old female (Layla) peed twice last night: On the leather seat of the office chair while left home alone for one hour, 2. Right in front of me on the area rug as I watched tv.

Possible Variables:
1. She is not fixed (she will be spayed in a few weeks)
2. She was kept in the master for the full day as the home was filled with six painters whom left the home covered in dirt, dust and whatever else they left behind. The office and the tv room was loaded with paint activity.
3. She peed one month ago on my daughter's bed while my daughter lay watching tv. Could have been marking as it was the first time in my kid's room.

Thanks in advance.


She's mad (wanted to use another word) that her stuff as been disturbed! OR, are you keeping her litter really, really, clean? I have an F4 who urinates right in front of me if the litter box needs scooped at all. Even if I've scooped it 5 minutes before and someone else hopped in first.


Savannah Super Cat
She has not peed in our bedroom, we still keep her litter box in our master bath since we just introduced the middle floor to her a few weeks ago. We use scoop free litter box that is automatic and she gets a kick out of the rake going back and forth. We do however pick up her poop out of the box as soon as she has finished since it smells like death. I was guessing a UTI as well, we will be spaying her next week.

Talking about spaying, what is the best used method of anesthesia for Savannah cats?

John Popp

Site Supporter
Talking about spaying, what is the best used method of anesthesia for Savannah cats?
Have the conversation with your vet about Ketamine and express the concerns addressed by others in it's use. If they have regularly used alternatives in it's place that would be your best path or perhaps they don't use it at all. While I don't subscribe to how Ketamine is often portrayed, I still want to hear the vet address the concerns.


Staff member
It looks like the possible culprits have already been identified. I agree that she needs to be spayed asap, and should definitely be checked for a UTI. As far as anesthesia goes, the pre-induction agent Ketamine has been known to cause some adverse side effects so it is generally preferred to be used as part of a cocktail of drugs, or not at all and use something like propofol instead. I'm a big fan of propofol, but you also don't want your vet using an agent that he is not familiar with just to appease you, that could be disastrous. As far as the gas is concerned, Isoflurane or any related agent is safe as far as I know.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Another thought, as people really have already identified the most likely causes of the peeing.... but you mention only one litterbox in one location but it sounds like your house is large, you have a "middle floor" for example... if the house is multilevel while your kitten is a kitten I would suggest more than one litterbox location.

If the peeing does continue, I might consider that the automatic box is not working. She may enjoy watching the rake as a toy but still avoid using it as a toilet.

I just thought I'd throw out another couple ideas... in case there is no UTI and after the spay the behavior continues. I'd also make very sure to clean those pee spots using a good-quality enzyme cleaner..especially that area rug which is obviously harder to clean than the leather sofa. Make sure you soak the rug and repeat treatment if necessary. Better to go for overkill when cleaning up pee!

John Popp

Site Supporter
Awesome catches Bridgette!

In all my years with cats I have never found success with automatic litter boxes. The only revolutionary change I ever made was the extra large ones with more litter which in turn makes them much easier to clean. One per floor minimum, and cats plus one has worked best for us.


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you all, we are changing the automatic litter box as it just not big enough anymore. She will be spayed this week, I did catch her in the act on my office chair again but was able to stop her from doing the deed :)

Happy New Year Everyone.