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What's for dinner?

So I figured this is an OT forum, so I'd toss out a major OT subject :)

What are you making for dinner tonight? I am going back and forth between chicken/eggplant parm and manicotti. The chicken- I'll have to guard against the SVs. The manicotti- they might try to sneak some cheese... Hmmm...


Staff member
And you guys are making me hungry, why???

I made fish last night and had fish with steamed broccoli - pretty boring, huh? And of course, furry inquisitors...
Hahah- well, I figured it was an easy 'off topic' topic to discuss! I ended up making neither- was excited because Hubby was supposed to be home at 5, so had big plans to go out to dinner and then he had to work late, so made a skillet of steak and onions to toss on rice. It was.. boring. LOL. The only cat who got a piece was Starbuck, but he eats raw, so I like to give him a piece of whatever I'm cooking before I cook it.


Savannah Super Cat
Well tonight we are having Bambi spaghetti! LOL
Haven't tried the venison on the the cats so may see if they like it before the sauce goes on.


Savannah Super Cat
Will do Paige. We don't have much of it because Hubby didn't get the deer. Father-in-Law did and he gave us a couple different things. I didn't think to try it on the cats the first time we had it this year.
So how did it go, Arline? What's for dinner tonight, crew? It's either pork chops or bratwurst here. I have the meat defrosting in the microwave to keep Simon out of it!