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Whats the odds of having a Savannah mix ?

I got a male cat a few months ago , he was not neutered and his owners were going to dump him , So we took him in. He was the meanest and strongest cat I have ever come across .. He attacked me and tore chunks out of my hand , I have never in my life felt that much strength from a cat before. He looks like a typical Tabby for the most part . But he is very very long for a cat , seems to be on the thinner side but not under weight , he checks in at 9lbs . His face is rounded like a lion , no indents from the nose to cheeks. His ears are almost rounded and more open . He is typical Tabby grey with black stripping but on his tummy he is light to med golden brown with black spotting... He can sit on the back of my couch and with no effort jump 10 feet across the room to the big custom cat tower/activity center and and land on top of it which stands about 7 feet tall. He does it with complete ease... So with all this info , what is the chances he is part savannah? Oh by the way since being fixed he is a big ole baby love bug now , no more fearing him ..


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The physical features you are describing sound more like a Bengal than a Savannah. Can you post some pics of him?
Yeah when he comes back in from his outdoor guarding the house duty lol I will take pics ...I was thinking Bangal at first but then I was thinking with his ease of long jumping and strength maybe savannah...


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Tigger is almost 1 year old, has spots on a tan belly, swirls of black over gray with a round fat face & beautiful ears....10 pounds. He keeps up with the 2 Savannahs & yes jumps as good as they do altho his landing is harder. Irregardless of breed did you get him neutered yet? Sounds like he needs it!
yes he is neutered now and amazing now ..He refused to stand lol got the best pics I could


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Pam Flachs

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What a nice handsome boy!

I don't see either Savannah or Bengal, but possible. He can be whatever you want to call him :)
LOL I call him my big ole ham baby.... I would assume normal Tabby but with some amazing jumping skills and strength and very big... lol who knows , I heard there is no current DNA testing for Savannah . SO I guess I leave it up too there is a possibility but who will ever know lol