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What's the "typical" size...


Savannah Child
Hi, all!

My boy-kitten/*kitten will turn a year old in June. He weighs about 8 lbs. I'd like to know from any male F3 owners how big I can expect him to get. Is there a typical size for these critters?




Staff member
Hi Joe,

Not sure there is a typical size...he may get a bit bigger, but it is really more about long and lean vs. weight, which is why we often don't discuss savannah cats in terms of weight.

And just an FYI - savannah babies are kittens...cubs are usually reserved for larger exotics. Even serval babies are called kittens ;)


Savannah Child
Cool. OK. I defaulted to "weight" but I'm clear with myself that I'm not looking for a bulky cat. :) I think what I'm asking is, when compared to a "typical" F1, what can I expect the full-frown "size" of my F3 to be? I can see that he's a very leggy that an indicator of eventual full-grown stature?


Staff member
Cheshire, the one thing that can't be predicted with much accuracy is size, stature. I have a fully mature 11 lb F6 who is who is 12" at the shoulder, one fully mature F2 who is 14" at the shoulder, and one 2 yr old F2 who is 16" at the shoulder. The tallest cat is also very long and he weights 20 lbs., the other F2 weighs 14 lbs and has a stockier body than the other two. My F6 is the leanest of all of them, long in body and when all 3 are standing together, the F6 appears larger than he really is because he is a lean mean savannah machine:big grin:

We have folks here who have very large F3s and folks who don't. All 3 of mine leveled off on growth at about 1 yr old and then had a mini growth spurt at about 1.5 yrs where they put on a bit more height & length and added more muscle.
Yeah, I think you've really hit that difficult question for Savannah breeders (and owners!). How BIG is this kitten going to get? For me- for example- I have two F2s here right now. One is a monster sized boy- he is about 7 pounds now and only a few weeks older then Ani, his half-sister. She is barely pushing 3 pounds at this point. I think your best GUESS will be going after the parents' sizes, but more realistically- if you have older siblings of the same sex to compare your kitten to. Even then- there is size discrepancies as well.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think we see too much variability in size to have a "typical" size for any generation... I have one very tall F3 boy who was taller than his 2 year old full brother by the time he was 6 months of age. Same genetics, just a huge difference in size.

As they have said, he is a kitten not *kitten (and I know that sounds nit-picking but for those of us that have to go fight anti-hybrid legislation this terminology is important!)... but if he's almost a year and 8lbs I would not guess he'd get much more than 12lbs fully grown unless he gets really fat in old age, LOL! He could of course be about to have a huge growth spurt... but with any luck that 8lbs is all long lean legs and body which I will take any day over 15lbs of blubber!


Savannah Child
Is there nothing to the claim that it takes Savannahs about 4 years to become full-grown? (I was told this by the person who sold me mine).