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What's wrong with my cat ?


Savannah Adult
I thought i've seen everything crazy my cat has done . Well guess who figured out how to get in my microwave . It's a older in wall above the oven and it has a 6" handle that you lift up and down . The devil watches me mic his meals and figured it out. What's next i'll go out to my garage and my car will be gone .

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
ok.... pay attention now........Do not let them know your credit card numbers. Do not leave it around. Do not log onto Amazon when they are anywhere near the computer. Better yet, see if you can get a fingerprint device to enable only you to log onto your computer. Or, even better unplug the computer when you are away. Destroy all unsolicited credit card applications that come in the mail. And I would also suggest locking up all the alcohol. (You have some PROBLEM cats)