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What's Your Litterbox Setup?


Savannah Super Cat
So apparently, thanks to Monkey, we found out that none of our three cats actually *like* our CatGenie, which we obviously loved. They seem to prefer the regular, non self cleaning box Monkey is using, which means three cats are now using one box, and I am spending what seems like a crazy amount of time scooping each day. We need to get another litterbox (other than the CatGenie, which is currently our second litter box), and I would love one that helps with the scooping ;)

What are your setups for litter boxes (type of box, how many boxes per how many cats, etc.), and what are you using for litter? We are currently using Nature's Miracle clumping litter, but I am definitely open to suggestions.


Trish Allearz

In the house, I am really enjoying the Tidy Cats with Glade-- I'm sure someone will come on here and say it's horrific, but it cuts down on the smell, clumps really nicely- but it does track everywhere.

Rule of thumb- one box, plus one, per cats- I'd probably try for 3 boxes in a home with 3 cats. Although they'd probably be fine with just two.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I used the large Sterilite storage containers, I believe they were the 30 gallon size. We cut a large hole in the sides of them (square holes 9"x9" or 12" diameter round holes) and filled them with two 40lb bags of litter. After pouring in the first 40lb bag of litter I used a sharpie to make refill lines in the corners so I would know when it was time to add an extra bag.

The advantages of this are that all the urine balls stay suspended and you are never scraping things off the bottom. We also use litter lifter scoops so we don't need to shake around the urine balls leading to soiled litter being returned to the tray. They just worked out great and I can't imagine it getting much easier. We also started using about a third as much litter and never had to do a wholesale litter change.

Hope that helps!

John Popp

Site Supporter
Rule of thumb- one box, plus one, per cats- I'd probably try for 3 boxes in a home with 3 cats. Although they'd probably be fine with just two.

I'd stick to the rule of thumb as when one of them flakes out about using the litterbox that is already checked off the list.


Animal Communicator
I use a big storage box I got from Walmart. Cheap, big, and I put a mat under it for tracking. I use Odour Buster for litter, its dusty but clumps well and keeps the smell down


Site Supporter
We have 4 cats and 5 large litter boxes with high sides in our laundry, basement area. The our cats are enthusiastic when covering their scat so the high sides help with that. We are also using the Glade tidy cat and the walnut shell litter. 3 boxes have glade, 2 have the walnut. Our cats like both. They like to play in the glade right after its been cleaned. I scoop morning and evening.


Site Supporter
We are also using Tidy Cats.
I've used the glade and the multi cat.
D will roll in either.

We have 3 litter boxes, one large open one, one Litter Robot (with the bubble for extra room), and one smaller covered one. I'm about to replace a 2d litterbox with a 2d litter robot. We bought our first litter robot about 3 months ago, and initially just D used it. Now all 3 boys will use it. The litter robot gets more use than both other boxes combined, but i'll keep the open large litter box as Jarvis sometimes likes to have extra room.


Site Supporter
We bought 2 of the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter boxes (22.8" L X 17.7" W X 16.5" H). Both cats use the same box so we stow away the other one unless we will be gone for more than a day. Jammu sits in the litter if the lid is on so we have had to remove it (removing stuck litter from his bloomers is not fun).

For litter, my current favorite is Petco's bulk unscented litter. It has relatively low dust, no perfume scent and is only about $6-7 per refill after you buy the tub. My only complaint is that with the cover off, the cats get litter everywhere and I have to sweep up the area almost daily.