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When to neuter?


Savannah Super Cat
When is the best time to neuter? I have read some things on the internet advocating early neutering and I want to get my SV neutered before he gets to the age where he starts to spray, but my boyfriend is worried that getting him neutered at a young age will keep him from growing as large as he could. What have your experiences been with this?

MK Anderson

Everyone/breeder has a different option on this one. Some do it a early as 3ms and other say wait till 5/6ms. I have had to done early and one a 5ms.


Savannah Super Cat
My vet won't even do them earlier than 5 months or 5 lbs. I understand that is sort of old school but I feel more comfortable if they are older. Maybe I am old school too!

MK Anderson

Now that I think back the rescue I got Pergie from did it when he was 2 pounds(not what I would recommend doing). he was 7wks old and that was 5yrs ago. I know it's a debate I was just telling what my cats where.


Savannah Super Cat
A friend got a tabby from the shelter and he was neutered at a young age, under 10 weeks and he grew to be a large boy.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It won't make him grow bigger to leave him intact, in fact the reverse can be true. Production of testosterone will close the growth plates, hence you might expect an early-neutered male to grow larger than his un-neutered brother.

You'll find varying opinions on the right age to neuter, I think studies have shown no significant ill-effects of early spay-neuter programs... my vet has a 4 months or 4lb minimum...