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Where should I put her when she is being 'punished'


Savannah Super Cat
My 12wo F2 Sabrina has been home for 3 weeks. Our house is designed with the common areas on one side of the house and the private on the other with a small connecting hall between. We have 4 bedrooms with her bedroom at one end and the master at the other end. After several attempts, I've been able to construct a barrier between both sides of the house that we can get through, but she can't.

For one week, she was only in her kitten room. After that, she was given short vacations to the master bedroom with the door closed. She she then had her room plus just the hall. Then her room plus the master. She's always in her room when we're away. Either me or my son slept with her in her room.

Just last night, she had her first foray into sleeping with her entire 'half house' run open to her. I was worried about the barrier, but she hadn't tried to jump it for a few days, so I felt she was ready. All was well.

Now on to my question. When we put up the barrier, her punishment location was 'back in the room'. Her time is 1 minute. It took a while for that to stick (and for it to stick with my son that he had to do it right away or she wouldn't understand)

Now she is trying to scale a glass lamp in my bedroom (one of those ones with the stacked spheres). Mostly she's just pawing at parts of it, but she's managed to hang from the inside rim of the shade once and another time stand on the stretchers for the shade! Needless to say, I don't want her to do that.

I've already had to punish her for this at least five or six tomes this morning. I started with her room, but then I thought that she may start thinking that going to her room is a punishment and think she did something wrong when she has to go in when we leave. For the last two times I put her in her carrier, which is convenient because I can put it right by the action. Now I'm afraid of 'carrier is punishment'.

Are they smart enough to think like this? If so, where is a good place to put her? Somewhere I don't want her to go anyway? (like my closet). Is this even an effective method? I'd use a squirt gun, but we have wood floors everywhere and that makes it a pain.

Btw, she's finally decided to nap. Where? 3" from the lamp.


Staff member
One minute is too long...Marilyn recommends 15 sec at most. Do you have enough vertical enrichment for her? Someplace where she can climb? She is doing what savannah cats and other cats do - wants to climb and be up you have cat trees?


Savannah Super Cat
Do you have enough vertical enrichment for her? Someplace where she can climb? She is doing what savannah cats and other cats do - wants to climb and be up you have cat trees?

We have a cat tree that is taller than I am and some other high places for her to be. Right next to the lamp is the headboard (which is higher; about 5.5' I guess). It's queen size wide and 2" deep. She hangs on it, runs on it, naps on it, and plays with hair from it.

She's somehow just 'climbing the lamp' obsessed. If she just wanted to be on top of the lamp, she could just jump the 6" or so from the headboard to the top of the shade. She definitely has no inhibitions about trying to make jumps that may not be such a terribly good idea.


Site Supporter
I sprayed or wiped down the item(s) with cotton soaked with a deterrent like vinegar water or something until the obsession subsided.


I agree with exactly what Paige recommended. If she is climbing or playing on the lamp or looking like she is going to attempt going on it, I would pick her up and redirect her to the cat tree. Also give Sabrina a treat after putting her on the tree, or any time you catch her using it on her own as a reward. Then over time she will associate the tree as being a more fun place to be! I know my sister's cats do this and sometimes they go onto their scratcher and look back at her just begging for a treat because they expect to be rewarded every time they have good behavior lol.

I used this same method to teach Keljin where to scratch. I had a hard time punishing him and that never worked, so instead I just learned how to distract him and re-teach him where the appropriate places were.