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Who said Savannahs aren't lap cats


Staff member
Two of mine treat me like a piece of furniture (I don't mind a bit). The other one has sat in my lap once in 3 yrs and prefers to sit beside us instead of on top of us. All 3 sleep tight up against me at night. I've become more limber and flexible in order to change position without disturbing them or else I have to listen to grumbling protests.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I believe why we breeders caution folk that Savannahs are not lap cats is NOT because they lack affection, nor that they won't CHOOSE to climb into your lap when THEY want is because cats that are more considered "lap cats" are the type of cat you can pick up and put on your lap and they will stay. My British Shorthair will stay if I do that as long as I am petting him, while my Savannahs would immediately leap off. They choose when it is cuddle time, the human does not.

Working in Rescue, we get lots of emails asking for advice in handling their new Savannah kitten. We do get asked "when I pick up my kitten they want to get down immediately, how do I train it to sit still on my lap?" and hence we have to explain that a high energy kitten wants you to play with them and then they might come cuddle afterwards.


Animal Communicator
Zeddie used to sit in my lap all the time when she was a wee little kitten. Now she only snuggles at night, or very rare occasions during the day


Savannah Super Cat
One of mine is a lap cat, I cannot sit down without him crawling onto me. Our other gets on a lap sometimes but only on his terms. Neither one likes to be picked up and carried tho.