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why is she peeing on my bed after 1.5yrs


Savannah Kitten
Hi, I just had a battery of test both blood and urine and xray, everything looks good. she is 2.5yrs and went for almost 2 years without peeing outside her litter box....she just peed on my bed this morning and in the last 2 months has done that 3x and 2x on my daughter in her bed. I have 3 boxes that I keep clean every day or more, she is always with me and only seems to do it in the morning and not while I'm gone and shes at the house. It's like she doesn't feel like going to the box so she'll do it right there. I clean with iky poo in cold water. she can be in the house all day and not pee anywhere other than her boxes and then every couple days she will pee on my bed. She did it last night at 324am and I shot out of bed.

The only think I have been doing different is that I've been very busy the past many weeks. Do you think she is just angry at me? She knows she did wrong because she runs and hides after I've found it and start the cleaning process.....any input or suggestions?


Site Supporter
Hmm, you could try putting a litter box in the bedroom with cat attract litter in it. If you think it could be that she’s mad you’ve been so busy, and since she’s doing it at night, I’d set aside time for her before bed. Every night, and be consistent so she knows she’ll always have that time with you no matter how busy you are during the day. Get her some interactive toys to keep her mind occupied while you’re busy. As a last resort, I’d close her out of the bedrooms at night, or give her her own room. Good luck, glad you’ve ruled out health issues! Post a pic of the naughty girl when you get a chance. ;)


Site Supporter
Oh! I forgot to mention: it could also be a new cat/critter is prowling around outside at night. I’ve had to put stuff down to keep neighborhood cats away from our yard/windows.


Staff member
I’d set aside time for her before bed. Every night, and be consistent so she knows she’ll always have that time with you no matter how busy you are during the day.
@Honda90 in addition to Rebecca's suggestions, I also recommend, along with playing with her/spending time with her before bed, that you also feed her a small meal. Hopefully the food in addition to the attention will stop the revenge peeing if that is indeed what it is. If lack of attention isn't the issue, then you have to do some sleuthing to figure out if there are outside critters triggering her or something in your home that has changed from her perspective even if you don't perceive a change. If you are at all stressed by a busy schedule, she might be picking up on that and showing her concern.

If the peeing is territorial marking due to who knows what, then you might consider contacting Marilyn Krieger, for a consult. She does phone consults and might have more suggestions on how to find out what the issue is and how to resolve it.